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Dr. Springston is currently performing class 1, 2 & 3 FAA Flight Physicals. Please read the following in its entirety to ensure you are prepared for your FAA Aeromedical Exam (flight physical).  

Please call for an appointment for a flight physical to 770-631-2502. Notify the staff that you are interested in obtaining medical certification for flying, or a "flight physical". Prior to your appointment, please register and complete FAA form 8500-8 at MedExpress. Please print your completed application and bring with you to your appointment. If this part of your physical documentation is not completed prior to your appointment, we will reschedule your appointment and charge a $25 missed appointment fee due to unpreparedness.  

Please review the necessary documentation required if you have any medical conditions. If you have a prior waiver or special issuance, bring this information as well. Two excellent sources to review as you prepare are the FAA's website ( and

If you have any of the following conditions, please refer to the Conditions AMEs Can Issue (CACI) worksheets required by the AME to complete.  

Migraine and Chronic Headache
Bladder Cancer
Mitral Valve Repair 
Chronic Kidney Disease
Prostate Cancer
Renal Cancer
Hepatitis C - Chronic
Retained Kidney Stone(s) 
Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

Have all the information needed on the CACI form and bring with you any supporting documentation needed to complete the worksheet fully (i.e. primary or specialist provider note, up-to-date blood or urine results, list of medications, etc). All questions must be answered by supporting documentation. It is acceptable for you to have your primary care provider complete the CACI form with his/her signature and information or in a letter on office letterhead. 

If you are on special issuance or have relevant medical communications with the FAA, please bring all documentation with you to your appointment.  
Should you have any further questions please call our office at 770-631-2502. 

Exam Fees: 

FAA Medical Exam - $200
EKG with Interpretation $250
In-Person Consultation prior to FAA Medical Exam $75
Special Issuance (Additional) $60
Coordination with pilot's treating doctors $75
After Hours (Additional) $75  
FAA Physicals