Our Practice

An Internist is an adult and adolescent care physician.  In today’s healthcare environment they are viewed as both Primary Care doctors and Specialists.  They are trained to care for simple conditions such as cold and “flu” as well as more complicated issues such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and heart disease.
Office Services

  • Routine Check-ups and Medication Refills
  • Same Day SICK Appts
  • Complete Physical Exams (Yearly, Well Woman, Work, School)
  • Laboratory
  • EKG
  • Cancer Screening

(770) 631-2502
(770) 631-2503 (fax)
Our Commitment

Our practice is physician owned and operated.  Providing the very finest in independent medical services is our goal.  The best interest of the patients is always our top concern.  It is for this reason that we hold such high standards of care.  The services we offer in our office make receiving your care complete and convenient.  In addition, our staff is friendly and willing to help in any way with the questions you may have. 

We are a doctor’s office, not a medical clinic.  The trust and care of our physicians truly sets us apart from the impersonal care you may receive at larger facilities.  Because we have refused restrictive arrangements with hospital systems or impersonal “corporate” medical clinics we do not have to meet their financial goals.  This allows us to build a better doctor-patient relationship and keep your health as the top priority. 

Our independence also grants us the freedom to refer you to the best specialists that can be found, whether that is locally, at Emory University, or at Piedmont Medical Center.  We are not limited to referring within a multispecialty group because of legal or financial constraint.  Referrals may be directed by your insurance plan, but the plans we choose to associate with shadow our commitment.  We accept only those plans that meet our doctor’s standards and are committed to quality care.